#Hamilton & the authentic joy of co-creating

In case you haven’t heard, there is an amazing musical on Broadway right now about Alexander Hamilton. We have been obsessed with it in our household since August when the Soundtrack was released. My husband & I were fortunate enough to see In The Heights on Broadway with Lin-Manuel Miranda a few years ago.

Yesterday the cast performed from the White House. One of the songs they performed is “My Shot”. I have watched this video at least three times now, and it isn’t just the music (though I do know the words by heart). It’s about the joy of the performers.The way that they are listening to each other. And not just the singers, but the musicians behind them as well. Watch the way that they communicate, encourage, and engage with each other. It reminds me of the multiples ways that jazz musicians communicate with each other.

There is something so incredibly authentic about the joy of creating music and story together. This doesn’t happen without a sense of humility and selflessness. Look at the ways they watch each other, the way that they are tuned in to the story and music and the way that each performer is engaging with the story at that moment. Do you see it?

It makes me think of really amazing teaching. More on that later, I need to go watch it again…


If you are aren’t familiar with the musical (or just can’t get enough), here is the video of President Obama’s introduction as well as the cast performing the opening number. I love that part of the event was about celebrating learning and teaching that may not look like what would be assumed.




3 thoughts on “#Hamilton & the authentic joy of co-creating

  1. Thanks for sharing! I was lucky to get to see Hamilton in January and it really was as good as the hype would make it seem 🙂 One of the hardest things to teach actors is how to communicate in that intangible, rhythmic way– basically, how to create chemistry on stage.

    These amazing performers have all been doing this show and riding its tidal wave for years now, so their chemistry must just be off the charts!


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